Breaking Chemophobia

~ Everything is Chemistry ~

My passion for scents has led me to the discovery of science and more particularly chemistry. I feel really strongly that chemistry is beautiful; it’s real magic.

So, beyond beauty, beyond self-care, I’m going to break the myths.

In our society, we tend to easily displace problems rather than solve them, and this prevents us from truly working together to find actual solutions. I want to bring you some kind of balanced views.

Your body is chemistry

I have always found that the chemistry field is fascinating.

Did you know that the human body is host to more than 200 trillion cells, where each performs millions of chemical reactions per second?

That is at least 2000 000 000 000 000 chemical reactions per second!!! (Researchers are still arguing about how high but it’s a lot 😉).

The human body is actually the most amazing chemical reactor and yes, mes amis, it is full of chemicals.

Chemistry isn’t the enemy

Unfortunately, chemistry has gotten an undeserved bad reputation and I’m on a mission to try to break that perception. Yes, there are some corporations using chemistry in ways that are greedy and destructive.

However, we should remember that chemistry has brought us many benefits, especially a longer life expectancy.

Medicines are made with chemistry. Hygiene is achieved with chemistry. Chemistry ensures that our children don’t get sick from parasites in the water they drink.

“Natural” vs Synthetic

Ingredients understood to be “natural” often come with hidden environmental costs, such as deforestation to grow non-food crops and the generation of solvent waste from processing plant oils.

We also know that natural doesn’t always mean safe (after all, arsenic is natural) and synthetic doesn’t mean toxic either. It can be sincerely hard to find the proper balance.

As a chemist, I believe in science.

I do believe in both Eastern and Western medicine. And I believe that the science behind the power of the mind is often neglected.

I believe in balance and taking advantage of the diversity of knowledge available to us.

How do we make our products as safe and sustainable as possible?

We try to remain minimalist while formulating products that will be effective and long lasting to minimize excess material waste for packaging and energy usage for shipping.

We incorporate naturally upcycled ingredients, such as mango butter, rice bran oil, rice bran wax and amino acids, which do not compete with food crops as they come as by-products of the food supply chain, as well as synthetics that are made with bioreactors using bacterial or enzymatic reactions, including but not limited to citric acid, sodium PCA, peptides, proteins...

Our packaging uses a high percentage of recycled material and we are working on a way to efficiently recycle PET.

To make an immediate impact, we plant trees in zones that need reforestation.

Sustainability and consuming smartly

At Lancolia, we are always looking at ways to increase our sustainability.

Personally, I do believe in minimalism meaning enjoying value.

Realistically, it’s impossible to not consume anything at all. But consuming smartly, things that bring us joy and value (effective and long lasting) is great! At least that’s my point of view.

By working together with an open mind, we can create a future that includes healthy people and a healthy planet.

Over time I hope to go into deeper detail on the anatomy of Lancolia formulas as well as the nitty gritty of why ingredients are selected.

It’s my goal to bring you joy and modern luxury with scents that transports, feel good products and break some myths along the way. 

If you have questions or specific topic request, feel free to send a message to

Thank you for reading,

Have a fantastic day!

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