Andromeda – A floral blend with a twist from another galaxy.

Lavande du Pays – A walk through the lavender fields in the south of France.

Valiant - Daring, sexy, woody and spicy.

King Cobra – The scent for a modern male: smart, confident, woody and citrusy.

Peppermint – A ballad down the streets of a Middle Eastern market, the scent of fresh, sweet, yet crisp mint.

Aux Pommes - A bite in a juicy green apple with notes of apple cider.

Au Citron secret - The legend of the first lemon; discover the secret scent hidden in the dunes of time.

L’Orangerie – A citrus store in Brazil, full of oranges, mandarins, clementines, the intense scent surrounding your senses.

Imperial Peach – The scent of a bite from the most prestigious peaches the world has to offer.

Elite Grapefruit - The tastiest grapefruit, grown on a tree in the rainforest of the Amazon, perfectly sweet and sour.

Essence de Grenadine - A memory from the desert, the sweet, tart and juicy pomegranate essence.