Celebrating 1000 Trees Planted with Lancolia

Celebrating 1000 Trees Planted with Lancolia

Happy Earth Day

Did you know that every second the equivalent of 50 football fields worth of trees are getting destroyed?

The rate of trees being destroyed is only increasing. While there are a lot of methods to try to mitigate the effects of global warming, one that is the lowest hanging and yet often forgotten is reforestation and planting trees.

Indeed, trees are the other source of life besides water:

 They help combat poor air quality

 Mitigate the effects of high temperature 

 They're amazing to restore damaged soils

 They even help us Safeguard our water resources

 They can address food scarcity and so much more !!!

 One of our promises to sustainability is by contributing to reforestation and so at Lancolia Every single order plants a tree in a zone needing reforestation!!!! Yes, every order! 

Because Forest Health = World Health  🌴🌳🌲

Thank you for supporting our small growing business and thank you for helping us contribute to reforestation efforts. 

A huge thanks to one tree planted which was willing to work with a small business like ours.

Explore www.lancolia.com today! 

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