The Lancolia Story

A passion for scents, chemistry and skincare.

Growing up in Paris, Nabila developed a fascination for scents and French formulations. Learning the art and science behind fragrances became her obsession, which led her to get her Ph.D. in Organic Chemistry.

After working behind the scenes in product formulation and cosmetic chemistry, Nabila became frustrated with the product development process. It focused on trends and marketing rather than intention and passion.

Looking for a creative outlet, Nabila started formulating her own products. She sought to embrace French elegance while incorporating a modern and scientific approach. Her creations were simple, effective, and delightful—all following chemistry principles, not fads.

Embracing the belief that skincare can be both clinically effective and a delightful indulgence, she created Lancolia—a self-care line that blends high-quality formulations with captivating scents for effortless French beauty.

Lancolia is proudly independent and self-funded to keep it as a sanctuary for integrity and impeccable formulations. Every Lancolia formulation reveals Nabila’s passion for French fragrances and her decade of cosmetic chemistry experience.

Through simple, multi-benefit formulations that evoke an enchanting allure, Lancolia invites you to simplify your beauty routine while keeping the results and experience you love.

Independently Operated, Woman Owned Skin Care Company

Lancolia is a woman owned skincare company operating exclusively from New Jersey, USA. Founded by Dr. Nabila Brabez, PhD in Chemistry, our goal is to serve our clients with the best results and customer experience.

As an indie brand, by keeping our operations small & self-funded, we can:

  • Maintain the integrity of our products
  • Deliver active-packed formulations
  • Have full control of the creation of every product
  • Offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee as we proudly stand by the quality of our products

Captivating Fragrances

We believe that it is easier to maintain a consistent routine and get results with products you enjoy.

Our emphasis on soft, easily absorbable textures and original, timeless fragrances turns every application into a luxurious treat.

Shop By Scent

Science-backed formulations

We keep efficiency and minimalism as the foundation of every product, ensuring that every ingredient used contributes to the results you want to see and feel.

The Lancolia Fantastic Four

The chemistry powerhouse behind Lancolia, and the unsung heroes of skincare.

Four tried and tested ingredients that work in synergy to deeply nourish your skin and hair.

  • Hydrolyzed Rice Protein

    Super hydrator for softer, smoother skin, and voluminous, shiny hair.

  • Panthenol

    Excels at moisturizing and conditioning for both skin and hair.

  • Allantoin

    Gentle exfoliant to keep skin soft and renewed while providing soothing properties.

  • Sodium PCA

    Prevents irritation while attracting and retaining moisture in skin and hair.

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Sustainability Commitments

Multi-benefit products

Every product offers more than a single benefit so you can reduce the quantity of products you use and eliminate unnecessary waste.

Created in small batches

We produce responsibly and only manufacture what we realistically expect to sell, therefore avoiding unnecessary waste and provide you with the freshest products possible for maximum efficacy.

Active packed formulations

Every ingredient we use does something for your skin, so you can use less product without compromising your results. The last thing we want is for you to put your Lancolia goodies in the "forget me" drawer and generate waste. We are here to get your visible results.

Every order plants a tree

Thanks to One Tree Planted, we are able to pledge to plant one tree for every order placed in an effort to offset our carbon footprint.