At Lancolia, we believe:
That scents transport,
That art, stories and colors have power.
Care, Connect, Comfort, and choose your escape with the gift of elegantly scented memories.



A native of France, Nabila has always been captivated by scents, but it was during a serendipitous visit to a Cambridge (UK) soap shop that she first felt truly transported to another time and place, inspiring a lifelong interest in creating scented personal care products.

A love of science drove Nabila to a career in chemistry. She earned dual PhD degrees in Life Sciences and Chemistry from Université Pierre et Marie Curie in Paris and the University of Arizona in Tucson, conducting research related to skin and pancreatic cancer. She also occupied technical leadership roles across multiple fields over the past 15 years for leading entities in the cosmetic, environmental, petrochemical, and medicinal industries where she authored peer-reviewed articles and patents.


Since the dawn of civilization, scents have been known and used to connect with emotions. Long immersed in the exploration of scent through personal care manufacturing as a hobby, Nabila was inspired to found Lancolia LLC in 2016 with the goal of helping others to feel this connection.   

At first, Lancolia was focused on party favors to bring joyful scents to special memorable moments. Over time, customer requests to provide other personal care items with their favorite scents led Lancolia’s team to the decision to offer a larger set of products and create new scents with their own story. A special moment doesn’t just have to be a wedding or a baby shower, but can also be a moment of connection with a scent and our imagination, while practicing our daily personal care.

Our goal is to care, connect, and comfort with formulas that are effective, minimalist, vegan and sustainable, while delivering an experience that transports.


We hope that you enjoy your Lancolia experience as much as we are excited to share it with you.
We believe in the quality of our products and offer a 30-day money back guarantee.
Our goal is to serve you. Your feedback is essential and helps us to further elevate your experience.
Feel free to contact us for any enquiries at contact@lancolia.com.