Collection: Scent Collections

Scents that transport with a touch of French elegance.

Andromeda Scent

Notes: Wisteria, gardenia and lilac with a warming twist: watermelon.

Feel: Sumptuous, mysterious, ambrosial. 

Story: Flowers blooming in a lush secret garden at night.  

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L’Orangerie Scent 

Notes: Oranges, mandarins and clementines with floral notes and hints of vanilla.

Feel: Indulgent, uplifting, warm.

Story: Journey to a sun-kissed citrus stall in Brazil.

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Valiant Scent

Notes: Woody, citrusy, spicy with a hint of ocean notes.

Feel: Uplifting, warm, sensual.

Story: A voyage to the unknown.

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Aux Pommes

Notes: Apple & Lime

Feel: Invigorating, awakening, refreshing, lush and delicious.

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