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Lancolia Beauty Sample Pack

Lancolia Beauty Sample Pack

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Sampler Scent Selection

Discover the best of Lancolia with our sample packs.

Each pack includes: 
  • Face Moisturizer Sample 
  • Hair & Body Wash Sample
  • Hand & Body Cream Sample
  • Conditioner Sample 

The complete Lancolia experience!   

Select your preferred scent type above: Floral (Andromeda) or Citrus (L'Orangerie). 


Brimming with powerful actives. 

Essence de Jeunesse Facial Moisturizer & Anti-Aging Cream – 3 mL
Deeply moisturize, nourish, even your skin tone AND reduce the appearance of fine lines - all with one powerful product.

Hair & Body Wash – 10mL
Treat your hair and body to a gentle and luxurious cleanse.

Conditioner – 10mL
Detangle, protect and strengthen every strand, creating the most luscious locks. 

Hand & Body Cream – 10mL
Intensely moisturize and deeply nourish with our velvety-smooth cream. Experience soft, hydrated skin.


Embark a sensory journey. 

Andromeda is our best-selling floral scent. A sophisticated blend of Wisteria, Gardenia and Lilac... with a warming twist; watermelon! It’s sumptuous, mysterious and relaxing.

L’Orangerie is our signature citrus scent. Think sun-kissed oranges, mandarins and clementines with subtle vanilla notes. It’s warm, uplifting and indulgent.


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