Summer Citrus Scents 101: Your Guide to Refreshing Fragrances

Summer Citrus Scents 101: Your Guide to Refreshing Fragrances

Welcome to the world of Lancolia's summer citrus scents!

We are excited to share with you the delightful fragrant journey that awaits you.

Picture yourself under the warm sun, surrounded by the gentle breeze, and enveloped in the captivating aromas of citrus.

In this guide, we'll explore why citrus fragrances are a perfect match for the summer season, discover the power of scents to evoke memories and enhance your mood, and introduce you to Lancolia's scent collections that capture the essence of summer citrus.

What Makes Citrus Scents Unique

At Lancolia, we believe that citrus scents possess a unique charm that elevates your senses (they are our founder’s favorite scents). Imagine the invigorating burst of energy as you peel a juicy orange or the crisp and tangy aroma of freshly squeezed lemon. Citrus notes have the ability to instantly uplift and energize your mood, making them a perfect choice for the summer season. With their bright and uplifting characteristics, they infuse your surroundings with a vibrant and positive energy, creating a truly captivating experience.

Summer Citrus Scents in Lancolia’s Collections

We've carefully crafted beauty product collections from skincare to haircare and beyond, that embrace the essence of summer citrus.

Allow us to introduce you to our irresistible scents. First, we have the "L'Orangerie" collection, inspired by blooming orange groves. This collection captures the sweet and citrusy aroma of oranges, enveloping you in a delightful embrace of sunshine wherever you go. It's like bottling up the essence of a sun-kissed paradise and with its light hint of vanilla notes it is the perfect scent for a gateway to the tropics. No wonder why it is one of our best-selling scent all year long!

Special Limited Summer Scents

First let’s discuss, our "Au Citron Secret" collection. It is designed for those who crave the revitalizing freshness of lemon. With its crisp and rejuvenating scent, it's like sipping on a glass of homemade lemonade on a hot summer afternoon. Each application will leave you feeling invigorated and ready to embrace the day with a renewed zest. Inspired by the freshness and sweetness of Yuzu lemons, this lemon scent is guaranteed to please all your senses.

Also, we have the captivating "Elite Grapefruit" collection. This collection offers a tangy and exhilarating twist, bringing a burst of radiant energy to your summer days. It's like a revitalizing splash of grapefruit, awakening your senses and leaving you feeling refreshed and inspired.

All our collections are available as hair & body wash, conditioner, hand + body cream and beyond.

At Lancolia, we celebrate the versatility and allure of summer citrus scents. Our beauty product collections are meticulously crafted to transport you to sun-drenched havens and enhance your summer experience while nurturing your body with science backed formulas developed for all hair and skin types.

 Whether you choose the vibrant allure of "L'Orangerie", the revitalizing freshness of "Au Citron Secret", or the tangy elegance of "Elite Grapefruit", our citrus-scented products are your gateway to a sensory journey like no other.

We invite you to dive into the world of summer citrus scents and let their captivating aromas transport you to blissful moments.

Get ready to embark on an invigorating journey, where every scent tells a story and every application brings you closer to the essence of summer.


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