Top 5 reasons why you need a minimalist beauty routine

Top 5 reasons why you need a minimalist beauty routine

At Lancolia we aim to simplify beauty routines because less is more.


1 – You are more likely to be consistent with that routine and see long lasting results.

2 – You will save time and money because you will use less products. Finally, no more overflowing drawers of unused, expired products.

3- You may reduce skin sensitivities because using too many products can cause irritation, breakouts, and other skin issues. More research is also showing that skin sensitivities might be due to overactive nerves and for some it might mean no products at all (see references below).

4- You allow your skin to breathe better and maintain its original function and natural balance. You’ll stop wasting time on products that don't offer any significant benefits and will focus on the essentials for a healthy skin and heathy scalp.

5- You will be more sustainable because using fewer products reduces packaging waste and conserves natural resources used in manufacturing.

Ready to simplify your routine?

A facial moisturizer and a beauty box are all it takes and you are good to go for at least 3 months if not more!!!

Simplify your skincare routine and haircare routine with our science backed minimalist beauty products that work for all.

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